Hair Fall Reasons Preventions and Treatment/Remedies

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hair fall reasons and prevention

Hair Fall Reasons Preventions and Treatment/Remedies

people love their hair most. Nowadays due to hectic lifestyle, people avoid to care about their hair which can cause hair fall. Some people and mostly women started worrying about their falling hair and wasting so much money to prevent and cure hair fall. It is better to take care of your hair earlier.

Here we have hair fall reasons, preventions and remedies.

Hair Fall reasons:

Nutrition problem or unbalanced diet

Tension and physical stress

medicine for any diseases or surgery or trauma

ageing and hormonal changes

women pregnancy timing

hair dandruff or any skin infection or scalp problems




Hair Fall Prevention:

Do not comb wet hair

Regular hair oil massage

Avoid use of chemicals for any hair treatment or beauty styles

Don’t tie your hair tightly. It can make your hair weak from the roots.

Frequent changes to shampoo or conditioner can lead to hair fall. It is advisable to use particular brand and wash your hair properly.

Massage your hair with oil at least once in a week.

Avoid using Hot water for hair wash.

Hair Fall Remedies/Treatment:

You can apply coconut juice, neem water, fenugreek water, aloe vera juice in your hair regularly to keep your hair strong and healthy.

You should take vitamin E, Protein and Calcium more in your diet.

If you are 20+ age, you can apply heena powder, amla shikakai powder and other hair packs to keep the hair healthy.

You must oil your hair regularly and massage the scalp.

It is better to use almond, coconut or olive oil for hair massage.

If you have any kind of diseases related scalp and hair, then you should consult a good dermatologist or doctor.